The time that most people will call a fitness equipment repair company is when their machine breaks down. All too often, the repair costs will be high. By performing preventative maintenance gym equipment, you can keep these break down’s and repairs to a minimum. Gym Tech offers an unparalleled gym equipment maintenance program in the Tri-State area. Contact us today for more information.

Be sure to purchase top-quality exercise equipment.

When you purchase machines that are top-quality, you ensured that it will be reliable and durable. If you own a fitness center, break downs ultimately cost you money, and the longer the machine is out of order, the bigger the impact on your member retention. Preventative equipment maintenance is good for business! If you own a home gym, this can create a road block for your fitness goals. Top-quality gym equipment can be more expensive, but in the end, saves you money by limiting down time due to warranties and coverage that keep repairs costs low. If your equipment is past it’s warranty, Gym Tech offers fitness equipment repair and exercise equipment repair. We offer a guaranteed 24 hours response time! We can also help you purchase any new Fitness equipment installation you may need.
Your safety is the most important factor.

Equipment that is improperly maintained or repaired can be very dangerous to use. If you would prefer to perform preventative maintenance on your own, Gym Tech offers superb gym equipment maintenance kits. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REPAIR GYM EQUIPMENT.
Here are some basic tips for preventative maintenance:

Be sure to read your owner’s manual completely. This manual will include procedures and recommendations on maintenance to be performed.
Gym owners assesses fitness equipment for maintenanc eKeep your equipment clean. Dirt, dust and sweat can damage your machines and interfere with the performance. Make sure to use a cloth with a non-abrasive cleaner to wipe down your equipment.
The area around your machines should also be kept clean. Be sure to clean and vacuum the floor around your equipment and for some equipment, such as treadmills, be sure to vacuum under the motor cover.
When replacing parts, ensure that they are from the same manufacturer the machine you are requesting parts for. Gym Tech also offers equipment parts.

Clean the frames of all strength equipment. Ensure that all screws and bolts are tight. Inspect all cables.
Be sure to check all belts and cables regularly. If you notice and tears or frays  Fitness equipment installation, contact a fitness equipment repair company immediately. Find out when to replace your exercise equipment.
Create a preventative maintenance schedule for your staff, to be performed at various times of the day. Find out how to create a maintenance schedule here.